Susan B Anthony, my home girl, as the late and great Susie B. was from Rochester, NY like I am originally from. Susan B. Anthony is someone I look up to and liked learning about in my middle school years. In fact, I have been itching to get back to Rochacha and take a look at the Susan B. Anthony museum. Susan B. Anthony, like many other women, was arrested fighting for women’s rights.

You see, at the time Susan B. Anthony was arrested, most men thought of her as a criminal and the law thought of her as a criminal and so so she was arrested for “using illegal means to allow women to vote.” You see the problem didn’t lie with Susan B. Anthony but the problem lied with the discriminatory laws in place within New York State and throughout.

The same thing rings true when it pertains to discrimintory laws towards adoptees in New York State and for the majority of Canadian provinces, the Canadian territories, and states in the States. Sandy Musser was made a criminal and sentenced to prison in Florida followed by probation in 1993 because of illegally obtaining paperwork in order to help adoptees and first parents reunite. Said to “confiscate government property.”

Actually, the government has it a bit confused. They confiscated my property and then called it their own. I never gave anyone the right to take my original birth certificate away from me or keep from me family medical information and more. If a non-adopted serial killer were to ask for his authentic, original birth certificate (the only one he’d have unless he legally changed his name out of his own free will) he would get it, but when an adoptee or someone on behalf of an adoptee tries to take their own original birth certificate they go to prison.

The sealing of original birth certificates plain and simple is a discriminatory law that was created on the book here in New York State because Senator Lehman didn’t want his adopted children to know he purchased them from the human trafficker Georgia Tann. We discuss the 1930s discrimination of Jews in Europe, which trust me isn’t right nor am I condoning it, yet it was a Jewish man (Lehman) who decided to discriminate adoptees not only in the 1930s but long after as its still continuing towards both Jewish and non Jewish adoptees. This just proves that time and time again most humans seem to only care about their own demographic; their own little bubble. They’ll be upset if an act of discrimination happens to their own people, but care less about discriminating other groups such as how Helene Weinstein is both Jewish and a lesbian, 2 groups of people with a history of overcoming discrimination yet she openly discriminates adoptees with her adament refusal to unseal OBCs and her moronic belief that people who through no choice of their own are adoptees should be dirty secrets if their first mothers refuse to grow up and deal with shit. Oh Helene “I think thou doth protest too much.”

Now, I am not advocating to do what Musser did. I am not saying go out there and do what Musser did. I’m sure nobody, especially myself, wants to go to prison. What I am saying, however, is Sandy Musser can be likened to that of Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and more. All of these women went to prison because they refused to obey laws that were put on the books to discriminate a group of people be they women, Native Americans, African Americans, or adoptees (or a combination of these demographics).

State and Federal governments, along with society, ought to be more careful about who they paint as a scamp because it is often those people who are written down in history as heros and heroines when things change, and I can almost guarantee Sandy Musser is going to be one of them.

It is time to stop the myth of first parent privacy. Privacy is a sugarcoated word for asking an adoptee to not exist, something my own biological family is putting me through, and something they are learning the hard way I will never agree to because it’s inhumane and barbaric and pure discrimination of adoptees on the same level of telling an American woman pre 1920 “votes by women are a waste” or a Black person “sit on the back of the bus” and this is precisely why Susan B Anthony defiantly stood against oppression, why Rosa Parks did what she did, and why Sandy Musser did what she did because sometimes working for the greater good means breaking the law and going to prison. When Sandy’s arrest was in 1993 the media made a big stink about it as if adoptees can “find their real names in public records” or “appear before a judge”. I have yet in closed states and provinces, which are nearly all in over 2 decades later in 2017, to see that actually work even when people are dying! We still have groups like the ACLU, a group I very much despise, who want to put the responsibility and burden that the first mother went through on the adoptee. I have empathy for the ordeals first mothers go through, especially those who conceived their lost to adoption babies via brutal attacks, but babies no matter how they are conceived are not responsible nor are us adoptees responsible for what happened at our conceptions, utero development, or births now as we adults. I’m sorry first mothers, but it’s time to put on the big girl panties and deal with whatever you need to deal with. Join Concerned United Birthparents, read defogging websites like this one and, read books by Sandy Musser, Joe Soll, Mirah Riben, Lorraine Dusky, etc but stop blaming people like Sandy Musser, Lorraine Dusky, Joyce Bahr, myself, and numerous others when we strongly say no first parent gets confidentiality, no adoptee deserves to be someone’s dirty secret, and no state or provincial government deserves to have paperwork that belongs to us adoptees which is why we must keep spreading awareness, wake brainwashed happy “bee mommies” out of the adoption fog, see Sandy Musser not as a criminal but as a Susan B Anthony ofher time, and stop voting for people who discriminate adoptees and refuse to listen to first mothers like Helene Weinstein, Kemp Hannon, Donna Campbell, and a slew of morons in Nova Scotia.

Sandy Musser was sentenced to prison on the exact same day (obviously different years) as Susan B. Anthony.

I have no doubts that Susie B.  is looking down and going, “some day Sandy, you’ll be remembered like I am, just the way I am.”


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