Oh, the King of Queens. I used to watch Leah’s show. Leah and the rest of the cast would make me crack up with their antics. Excellent script writers and great actors made for a television series I looked forward to when it was on.

Yet in reality, Leah’s life was much more complex, much more dangerous, and much more unhappy than her television character’s life. Leah, born to a Jewish father and Sicilian mother was raised as a Catholic until at nine years old her mother brought her into the church of Scientology. The church of Scientology is called a “church” but it is not a church, it is a cult, and no church be it Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Adventist, etc recognizes the cult of Scientology as a church.

If you want to know how absolutely nuts Scientology is, watch Matthew Santoro’s youtube video about Scientology or for everyone’s favourite reference, South Park. There’s plenty wrong with Scientology from the fact its founder was a science fiction writer whose own son said his father suffered from severe mental illness, and everyone around him suffered for it too, to the fact it is not a religion of peace, to the fact its members are brainwashed and are threatened if they leave the church.

Members who know anyone who opposes the cult are pressured to cut them out of their lives or face ostracism. This was the case of Sara Goldberg who joined Scientology but when her son’s friends brought out truths about it the cult pressured her very deeply to stop communicating with her son because of who her friends were. She stuck by her son but lost communication with her daughter who by then was too brainwashed, and I hope her daughter receives the psychological help she needs especially because the cult is against any form of therapy.

So, how does this play into adoption and abortion and how did Leah Remini and Matthew Santoro expose it? Sea Org is a military organization of Scientology. Female members of the Sea Org are not allowed to get pregnant. Also, they have to contract their souls to the Sea Org for one billion years. No, I’m not making this up. Getting pregnant is seen by the Sea Org as extremely vile. Women and girls who become pregnant who are in Sea Org are forced to commit either abortion or put their babies up for adoption and receive extreme emotional abuse for getting pregnant. Forced. So why isn’t either industry speaking out to end this?

The billion dollar abortion industry and multi billion dollar adoption industry, which is loosely regulated, uncredentialed, and has no oversight, are allowing women, and worse yet minors, to have abortions or adoptions completely against their will because their cult, and especially if it’s a cult they’re parents brought them into, are forcing them, and not a single thing is being done to stop it. Whether it’s helping a woman escape domestic violence or helping  a woman escape a crazy cult, the goal should be removing the crisis, never removing the baby from his mother and mother from her baby.

I really don’t want to hear the excuses. It should be the job of abortion clinics, adoption agencies and adoption attorneys to look into why the woman or girl is there in the first place, but when money is on the table it seems people don’t want to do their homework.

I give a big thank you to Leah Remini and Matthew Santoro for exposing Scientology, which has been linked to homicides (and probably suicides too) and for exposing more corruption among the detestable adoption and abortion industries. Leah Remini continue to speak out, you are very brave. I know personally how hard it is to speak out against something a lot of people think is wonderful (hence this blog), and be sure Leah to take breaks for yourself cause I know too how anxiety provoking it can be.

Time to relax. This was a hard article emotionally to write.


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