This article is not an anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish article. It’s vital to point out the fact that many Jewish adoptees, in New York state and outside of New York state (including up in Canada) have been discriminated against themselves. Many adoptees have yet to learn they have Jewish ancestry because they have yet to do ancestry DNA testing. During the twentieth century, Jewish women who were heavily drugged during childbirth, including those in New York, were told that their babies died during childbirth when in fact they were secretly adopted out to Christian families. These Christian families, in turn, were told lies so they thought (for the most part) they were saving the baby.

Yet, we live in a society that feels it’s completely fine to show the problems caused by White, Christian males but say anything against another group of people and you’re automatically painted as a terrible racist. In fact, people will point out problems created by “White, Christian males” without realizing there is good and bad in every group. We say “European colonialism”, but forget many French, for example, integrated well, and the Polish people have never invaded, but been invaded numerous times.  This article is not

This article is not painting a wide brush against a whole group of people. We are focusing on merely two people. Two Jewish people out of over 1.1 million Jewish people, and that’s just the demographics of Jewish people in New York City.

The Jewish people have a history of discrimination, such as being expelled by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella from Spain in 1492. During the second Bubonic Plague of Europe in the 1300s (which really lasted until 1666), since Jews had better bathing habits than Christians many poor Jewish people were cruelly and viciously burned at the stake for false accusation of poisoning the wells. This isn’t to say every single Jewish person in history was a good person, as many during the trans Atlantic slave trade were owners of slave ships, because, once again, there is good and bad in every religious group, gender, race, etc. These are just some examples of discrimination Jewish people have gone through, and even today we see the terrible events of actions such as synagogues being burned down here in the USA.

So, with a history of discrimination, one must ask then why Senator Lehman and Senator  Weinstein, both of the Jewish religion and of Jewish blood, strongly discriminate New York adoptees, including fellow Jews?

Senator Lehman, born in the 1800s, was born to a Jewish family. Prior to 1935, New York adoptees kept their original birth certificate knowing who their biological parents are. In 1935, after buying two children from the human trafficker/kidnapper Georgia Tann Senator Lehman, Jewish, sealed original birth certificates on adoptees born and adopted in New York and it has been that way ever since. It has absolutely nothing to do with privacy  for the following reasons:

  1. Alaska and Kansas have never sealed their original birth certificates.
  2. Other states didn’t seal their original birth certificates until later such as Pennsylvania in 1984.
  3. An original birth certificate is not sealed until an adoption is finalized, so if a child ends up growing up in foster care he keeps his original birth certificate, making privacy null and void. If it were about privacy, it would have never been made.
  4. The sealing of original birth certificates in New York State started solely because Jewish senator Lehman wanted to cover his tracks from buying a baby from the psychopath and human trafficker Georgia Tann. This also covered the tracks of psychopath and actress Joan Crawford who also bought from Georgia Tann.

Today, over eighty years later, New York adoptees -Jewish and non Jewish- continue to be discriminated and denied their original birth certificate. They continue to be second class citizens. All because of the outspoken, and discriminatory, Jewish senator of today Senator Helene Weinstein who forcefully advocates for continued discrimination of adoptees; likely because she is either hiding something or covering for someone. Senator Weinstein comes from two discriminated groups of people, Jewish people and lesbians, yet she feels it’s her duty to discriminate adoptees not only in denying them their original birth certificates but in thinking they deserve and should be someone’s dirty secret. The truth of the matter is not a single first mother is ever given anonymity nor confidentiality. Not even in the case of closed adoptions, which are a form of child, medical, and psychological abuse (I’ll wait for everyone else to catch up on that reality…tick tock) because when a baby is given away there is no guarantee that baby will be adopted or that the adoption will fall through or that reselling of the child will occur. This reminds me of a case of a baby given away, who landed up in foster for seven years, and was adopted back at age 7 by his own mother. That child never lost his original birth certificate and because he was adopted by his own mother, his amended birth certificate still had her name on it. Jewish Senator Weinstein has been informed about this by numerous first mothers here in New York such as Joyce Bahr and Lorraine Dusky, to name just two, yet she refuses to change for, at least what I think, of the reasons given above. What about babies conceived in rape? What about them. You don’t discriminate people because of how they were created. That is out of their control. As I always say, abortion and adoption put the blame on the baby, not on the attacker.

It was a Jewish person who commenced the discrimination of adoptees in New York, and a Jewish person who continues that discrimination, including to fellow Jews. You would think two people who come from a people with a history of horrible oppression would be a bit more sympathetic; I guess not. So why is their Judaism important? Because coming from a group of people that is discriminated, they should know better than to discriminate others. The same thing rings for her sexuality. LGBT are discriminated, although they have recently made great gains in the USA, and that is all the more reason she should not be discriminating others.

As for the photo, I didn’t want to use photos of people as that would be wrong. I didn’t want to use any Jewish symbols as that would be wrong, so I chose a different photo that shows truth people don’t want to discuss. The photo can be researched through Carnegie Institute. While most slave owners were Christian, most slave ship owners were Jewish, which can be researched at libraries.



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