In my previous article, I mentioned how it’s saddening to know that Senator Lehman discriminated adoptees and how Senator Weinstein continues to discriminate first mothers, and even more so, adoptees considering they both were/are Jewish. The Jewish people have had a long history of discrimination and oppression, from ancient Greece (*read the story of Hanukkah) to today, and therefore Lehman and Weinstein should know better (at least Weinstein who is still alive) than to discriminate others.

Do you know who else should not discriminate others? First parents (biological parents) and adoptees. Why? Because you have absolutely no clue, in your search, what kind of family member you are going to find. For example, maybe you are atheist and find any very religious person an idiot. What happens when you find your adopted out son is very deep into his religion? Or let’s say you are very religious yourself and have this belief that “homosexuals are disgusting”. Are you willing to risk that backward type thinking knowing that you might discover your first father learned he is homosexual and impregnanted your first mother when they were teenagers before he felt comfortable in his own sexuality? He might be the only family member you find, along with his partner, who isn’t a jerk. I’m not saying you can’t have opinions of your own.

I’m not saying you can’t have opinions of your own. I’m not saying you have to agree with everything, but I am saying you need to respect others’, and others need to respect your views so long as they do not cause harm to others.

I’m often called “Islamaphobic” by liberals, when I will always speak out about the fact Muhammed was a paedophile, a warlord, and had a harem of women. Nobody makes me more proud that listening to ex Muslims. As a child advocate and one who has volunteered with abused children, I’m not going to keep shut about that. You see you can dislike something (ie Islam) without disliking the person. So, what if I were to find a family member of mine is Muslim or married a Muslim? Well, if they are nice to me I would like them. Simple as that. You do not have to agree with someone’s

You see you can dislike something (ie Islam) without disliking the person. There are many very kind people in this world who happen to follow Islam. I like them (and remember there is good and bad in every group). I just don’t like their religion, and why I don’t is everything I’ve learned from people who left Islam.

So, what if I were to find a family member of mine is Muslim or married a Muslim? Well, if they are nice to me I would like them. Simple as that. You do not have to agree with someone’s religion, or even sexuality, or their lifestyle choices, but you do need to treat people with respect unless they have lost your respect. There’s a difference between saying “homosexuals are nasty” and “I wish you only health and happiness, but I do not agree with being homosexual.”

I have friends who are atheist who make fun of my religion, Christianity, and who dislike Christianity yet they like me. I’m not offended because, my religion is not me. That is something that is hard for a lot of people.

So before you discriminate someone think about how you say something. Instead of saying “religious people are idiots” say “I don’t believe in religion”. (And one can believe in God without following a religion).  Instead of saying “people with blue dyed spiked hair look ridiculous” stop and think, are they hurting anyone with an alternative punk look? Instead of saying “Protestant is the only religion people should follow” say “I am proud to be Protestant.” These are just some examples of many.

Remember when searching for and finding family members you are going to find anything and everything. Some who think and act and look just like you and some who couldn’t be more different. Love kind people.

So, the next time, for example, you start to think homosexuality is “awful” stop and think. 1. That is how that person’s brain is wired. 2. How is a person being homosexual negatively affecting you? 3. What great contributions have gay people given to the world? Da Vinci and Michelangelo, for example, were gay. 4. Understand it’s not a choice, if it were a choice nobody would do it in the Middle East and parts of the continent of Africa where gay people are being thrown off of buildings and hanged. 5. Are you willing to risk close minded thoughts and not get to know a great family member? 6. Let’s say, due to your faith, you believe marriage is only between a man and a woman (*please note this is a good time to look at your Torah/Old Testament and read about men who married their slaves, had multiple wives, etc). You have the right to believe this, but you do not have the right to say (nor should you think) gay people will go to hell or that they don’t deserve equality, such as if you do believe only in your version of marriage then gay couples should be allowed the exact same rights that hetereosexual marriage couples have, but in my opinion it’s silly we are fighting over simply, a word, but I respect your beliefs even if I disagree with them.

So what about me who thinks Islam is awful because of the person who created it? A person is not their religion. That’s hard for a lot of people. Don’t forcefully go up and verbally attack someone because of their faith. I know a man who is Muslim. Yet he eats pork, he drinks beer, his daughter wears bikinis and she’s a teenager (already, I feel like yesterday she was one year’s old),  and he doesn’t even go to mosque. He’s also one of the kindest and most hilarious guys you could ever meet. When I lived in Canada I dealt with more anti Americanism from White Canadians than I have ever dealt with from the many Muslim people I’ve met from the Middle East. I have a friend from Palestine who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, who is deep into his Islamic faith, but I do not agree with his religion because of who founded it. The bottom line, there are good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Jews and bad Jews, good Catholics and bad Catholics, good atheists and bad atheists, good straight people and bad straight people, good lesbian people and bad lesbian people, etc.

Nobody is saying you have to agree with everything, but you do need to show love and kindness to others unless they have lost that privilege.

I hope this makes sense I had a little trouble getting my words out today. I think, for some, this will still be a hard article for them.


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