I have wonderful, affectionate neighbors from China. This has nothing to do with being against the deeply, intricate Chinese culture or using generalizations on the Chinese people. People are one thing, and governments are another.

I strongly believe in putting your own country first. I believe, as an American in looking to buy American products first even if I have to pay a little more and if I can’t find that to then look for Canadian products. I also believe that a country should give first dibs on employment to people born there, with veterans who have seen combat getting to be first.

China does not have the standards of quality that other nations have such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Belgium to name a few. For example, when it comes to farming in China, according to a Canadian farmer, Chinese farmers grow vegetables in sewer water. The vast majority of Chinese people are good people, and they deserve a lot better. The Chinese government is extremely corrupt and cuts corners, and refuses to allow miners’ deaths to be published (China has no safety standards for miners and many other workers). They shipped drywall to Florida which would never pass safety standards if manufactured in the United States which caused massive nosebleeds in a community that used the drywall to build homes. We allow food, medicine, and products to come in from China that would never pass safety standards under Canadian or American laws. The United States in 2007 shipped out 97% worth of raw materials to China and received only 3% of that back. (I can look for references on this later on so the article is more reliable).

We allow food, medicine, and products to come in from China that would never pass safety standards under Canadian or American laws.

Currently, concerned parents are wondering about the safety in the plastics of toys produced by Fisher Price. The CEO is the brother of my dad’s former best friend who tragically died of ALS/MND in 2011. Fisher Price uses plastics from both China and Mexico, as toy making has been offshored although it was produced in western New York for ages. Mexico has abided by all of the rules. China won’t give a straightforward answer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems with China, and I’m sure there is far more I don’t know (and this does not mean we should neglect the Chinese people who are trying to make China better or neglect the rich, vibrant Chinese culture). So, why then, are we adopting from China when this a country notorious for corruption?

Adoption is a business. It’s a multibillion dollar, $12 million dollars a year, in the USA alone. China is a very corrupt country and adoption agencies in China are no different. This isn’t to say agencies in Canada or the States are excellent because they too are extremely shady. Corruption permeates all businesses, and that includes adoption agencies.

This is a bit of a catch 22. On one hand people want to help orphans (please see my article on how 80% of orphans in this world are not actually orphans according to UNICEF, June 2015) and they know girls are seen as lesser by many Chinese. In fact, I have a wonderful, creative Chinese friend who went to Harvard and still cannot be seen as “good enough” by her lousy parents because she is female. Yet, on the other hand, you are adopting from a corrupt country and international adoption is so loosely regulated it’s plagued with corruption no matter how good they seem on the outside because even with an astounding rating judged by Americans, Canadians, Irish etc adopting most of them don’t know exactly how these babies are ending up there.

Since 1970, a minimum of 70 million Chinese women have been forced into abortion and adoption (I will pull up the reference later…later tried to and it’s very difficult to post links on here so please do some googling on forced adoptions and China). True, boys are more valued but that is not by all, and in a male dominated society women who want to keep their daughters may not be allowed to. The Chinese government forces single women to abort or give away their babies (this force had been done by White countries for decades), if couples are under 21 they are forced to give away their baby or abort (a

The Chinese government forces single women to abort or give away their babies (this force had been done by White countries for decades), if couples are under 21 they are forced to give away their baby or abort (a sugarcoated term for unborn baby killing).

Minority Chinese can have up to three children, unless the third pregnancy produces multiples (twins, triplets) then they can keep all. The Han Chinese, unless they pay a fee equivalent to one year’s salary (aka for rich people only) are only allowed two children (it was one child until 2016). If they (Han) get pregnant for a third time- previously for a second time- they are forced into abortion or adoption. With that being said it’s not really adoption, it’s human trafficking. There is a fine line between adoption and human trafficking.

People who adopt from China are being made to think all of these children (girls and special needs boys mainly) were unwanted babies, abandoned babies but the truth is many of them do not fall under that category, and you don’t know which ones fall under that category and which ones don’t. Do a google search of Chinese fathers looking for their children that were placed in orphanages without their consent because of government interference. Ask yourself with a country with one billion people why these babies and toddlers are not being adopted by someone from China to preserve their language and culture. In a country of one billion they can’t find someone? Horseshit. I’d have less of a problem with my fellow White people adopting children of colour if they respected their cultures. I have a strong respect for those who preserve a child’s language and culture if they are adopting a child from a different background.

This isn’t to be against the people who adopted from China. Adoptive parents (for the most part) who adopt from China are well meaning, but they were uninformed about the fact there is so much corruption from the fact most orphans are not orphans, to the forced oppression of pregnant women and young couples, and the fact Chinese adoption agencies separate twins (and so did the United States and who knows maybe they still do).

Separate twins? You read that correctly. Multiple accounts have garnered attention of twins adopted from China being separated and placed in different families. Make no mistake, this wasn’t accidental. It’s purely done for business because a bigger profit is made that way. The problem with societies is that when they see this, such as “Twins Reunite on Good Morning America” they think “awww they are so cute” without thinking about the exploitation of these children (as I strongly believe this reunion should not have been publicized although it is up to the girls themselves to decide how they feel on it, their and only their thoughts on how their own reunion was displayed matters) and the fact that adoption agencies in China are disgustingly separating twins.

Where is the outcry from people across the world to demand we cease adoptions from China until a thorough investigation is made by the United Nations to investigate adoption agencies in China and adoption agencies who do business with China? People hear the word adoption and go “awww” and that’s because people have been programmed/brainwashed to think that way. We should be outraged that twins are being separated, and the adoptive parents should be extremely outraged. If I were one of those adoptive parents I’d sue the living shit out of the adoption agency.

Separating twins for bigger profits is not just an occurrence in China, but around the world and has happened in the United States as, according to my research, recently as 1991. An adoptee from Watertown, NY born in 1991 and adopted through an adoption agency in Watertown, NY as a baby was searching for her first mother only to be informed by search angels that she has a twin brother. This twin brother of hers was never mentioned to her adoptive parents or to her. I can also tell you of a case of a brother and sister from Rochester, NY separated because of adoption who ended up having sex when they were uninformed they are related due to the fact closed adoption is child abuse, tragically the boy committed suicide (adoptees are four times more likely to commit suicide and finding out you screwed your sister probably would sadly do most guys in), and recently a set of American twins who were separated at birth in the late twentieth century from a “reliable” American adoption agency to garner higher profits who ended up marrying and having sex and not understanding why they are infertile until their test results came back. So, this child abuse of separating twins permeates the adoption industry not only in China, but it still continues in China now into the twenty first century. Of course, I have no doubt the adoptive parents of these separated twins would have taken the both of them. Do you see why I am not pointing the finger here at adoptive parents?

Chinese adoptions need to stop until the United Nations makes a thorough investigation because separating even one set of twins (and it’s been more than one) and forcing couples to limit their number of children, and then forcing them into unborn baby killing (even as late as seven months pregnant) or giving away their babies is more than enough. China has to apologise to millions of babies it killed through abortion and to the millions of Chinese adoptees because of its One Child Policy act.








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