I wrote previously two articles one discussing how God has nothing to do with infant adoption (of non-abused babies) and how Jesus’ life is not a comparison to modern adoption, and neither was Moses’. The problem is people think they know the Torah, or they think they know the Bible, and they don’t and when I say people I am actually referring more often to Jews and Christians.

We live in a society that is very much brainwashed by the adoption empire. The Devil always tries to make himself look good, and his evil deeds are in all types of places. While that may sound crazy to you, that adoption could be affliated with the Devil, the adoption empire is a multibillion dollar, uncredentialed, loosely regulated empire and the horrible myth of birthparent privacy and the discriminating act of sealing adoption records and sealing original birth certificates was all started by a psychopath named Georgia Tann, so yes the Devil has a hand in the adoption empire.

So how are people brainwashed? First, it’s important to know I am not judging people for being brainwashed. I am judging people who have the truth given to them and still refuse to learn; still refuse the knowledge. There are many topics we are all brainwashed by. We learn and unlearn and relearn.

I often educate people about the facts about adoption. The facts the adoption empire doesn’t want you to know. I recommend them books, blogs, medical research, and more. I often never get a response from them but from their egos. The problem with most people is that they are ego driven.

Quite often a response I get back after I say something like “let’s move from sealing original birth certificates” to “let’s give adoptive parents a certificate of adoption instead” or “adoptees are four times more likely to commit suicide” or “you don’t get to have an opinion on adoption if you are not adopted” and a million other quotes, quite often the response I get from people’s egos is:

Well, we are all adopted by God.

Yes, we are. We are all adopted by God. Even atheists are adopted by God. Yet, this doesn’t make you an adoptee.

*Being adopted by God does not seal your original birth certificate.

*Being adopted by God does not separate you from your brothers and sisters.

*Being adopted by God does not seal your adoption records.

*Being adopted by God does not deny you your first family medical information, including in life or death situations of you or your children.

*Being adopted by God does not deny you genetic research to find out if you’ll have a child with say cystic fibrosis like adoptees are denied in some states.

*Being adopted by God does not quadruple your chance of killing yourself.

*Being adopted by God does not extremely greatly increase your chance of anxiety and depression which nearly all adoptees have.

*Being adopted by God does not deny you to know your heritage like adoptees were before ancestry DNA testing.

“Christian” led adoption agencies will try this on expectant mothers in a crisis. These “Christian” harlatans will say that “we are all adopted by God” and try to justify that and try to compare it to being an adoptee raised in an adoptive family. It’s not the same.

(Research for this has been provided in previous articles or will be in future articles).



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