Now, is the time for women’s rights. It is March. A time to remember women both modern, past, and even ancient from Saint Jadwiga to Jeanne D’Arc to Susan B. Anthony to my cousin who I am most proud of, but won’t name here. We have a long way to go before we as a people understand that the adoption industry has used nothing but lies, deceit, manipulation, and propaganda to make women and girls fork over babies by the millions. The adoption industry is a multibillion dollar industry that is loosely regulated, has no credentials, no oversight, and has fewer regulations than our nation’s real estate industry.

It may sound like a bold statement but I can guarantee with absolute certainty that 100% of infant adoptions involve lies, deceit, manipulation, and the subtle coercive language practices used by private adoption lawyers and adoption agencies in order to lure girls and women away from their babies. Let the facts speak for themselves through my article You Were Likely Subtly Coerced Out of Your Baby, with the list being published on the coercion tactics by Origins Canada and Concerned United Birthparents. Let the facts also speak for themselves through Saving Our Sisters. Want to call yourself a feminist? You can’t without being a member. We go to head to head with the corruption found in the abortion, and especially, adoption empires. 97% of women and girls who first start out thinking they can’t keep this child, they don’t deserve to keep their child, that adoption will give the child a much happier life (it won’t), end up keeping their babies. Not only keeping, but checking up on them later down the road in years proves these girls and women flourish. And all it take is $600. $600 to keep a family preserved. Ask yourself why people spend $38,000 on a baby to adopt, but won’t give a pregnant mother merely $600 to keep her child. If that doesn’t show you evidence I don’t know what will.

Women of the past were subjected to even worse abuse. From being told they are nothing but a vessel to having their vaginas knifed open as painful and terrible reminders of childbirth before marriage (and I do not mean episiotomies) to being handcuffed to beds, women who had to nanny other people’s children as punishment but couldn’t keep their own, the list continue. It is not the adoptee that is the painful reminder, much to the chagrin of NOW, ACLU, and other groups who advocate for the discrimination of adopted women, it is the subjective abuse these women endured by the hands of doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, family members of other sorts, Jewish temples, Catholic churches, Mormon temples, Lutheran churches, unwed mother homes, and the list goes on. Women, especially in Ireland, who were blamed for being raped and then had their babies taken away or the eight hundred babies and countless women and little girls who died in Ireland from lack of medical care due to punishment for unwed pregnancy including in rape cases and this went on until 1996. This is an international women’s problem from the US to Canada to Britain to Ireland to Spain to Israel to Greece and other nations.

That leads me to the cause I want to bring up, the movement I want to awaken. Boy oh boy, we need a movement. #Courttoo. #Agenciestoo #Doctorstoo These need to become viral hashtags. Ones people can see when they walk down Times Square or flip open a magazine. After interviewing hundreds of brave mothers of adoption loss, I have names of judges, lawyers, and doctors who were involved in the kidnapping of babies that they placed for adoption (or more so sold into the adoption industry; ie Baby Scoop Era and even modern times). A friend of mine, who I will not name here, had her son kidnapped by a judge and the judge’s girlfriend. My friend acted within her legal means to decide to keep her son after learning the truth about adoption and it’s negative effects on the psychological well being of the adoptee, the first parents, the kept siblings, and more. The adoptoraptor got her judge friend to have the police forcefully take away baby while my friend was in the middle of feeding him! This has been a years long battle now. This judge also, it has come to light, been involved in another kidnapping. My friend is gag ordered and can’t talk at all about the kidnapping of her son.

Here is the problem and let me put it out there for you in black and white.

If a child is kidnapped we all pray for the child to come home.

If a child is kidnapped through adoption we all pray the child stays with the kidnapper claiming the “birthmother” must be a drug addict and “well, they’ve already formed a bond.”

Slapping the word adoption in front of something illegal doesn’t make it adoption, and it doesn’t make it right.

But isn’t most adoption done with deceit, lies, and manipulation anyway? Yes. It’s legal when it shouldn’t be. Let’s take a look at some examples I have written about before.

*Mothers of adoption loss are lied to and told that an open adoption is legally enforceable and will remain open.

*Mothers of adoption loss are lied to and told a closed adoption will allow them to move on and they will forget their child. (*Take note here ACLU, adoptees conceived in rape are not painful reminders, their mothers are reminded by the audacious occassion whether or not they are there and it’s not the foetus or child that is the painful reminder but the unwelcomed penis shoved up into you. A little bold to say but after a multitude death threats sent to my friend Jen Christie Brierly and her rape conceived three year old son I’ve had it, you have no right to speak on behalf of women who endured rape and silence the women who have who became loving mothers through it). It is literally impossible to forget your child.

*A girl as young as thirteen can go to an adoption agency and without legal representation, give away her baby without any trusted adult in her life knowing. I don’t know about you but if a little seventh grade girl needs permission for a cough drop from school nurse, she should have at least her older sister or someone there, better yet teaching her family preservation (which is not a knock on divorced families, it merely means avoiding the unnecessary adoption and abortion industries. Like I mentioned, 97% are rescued from them by Saving Our Sisters, which you can join on Facebook or through Concerned United Birthparents’ webpage.

*A father in Utah and South Carolina can lose all legal rights to his child even if he has signed the original birth certificate and is law abiding, just because the mother of the child dumped the baby or thought adoption was a good idea through subtle coercion.

*Adoption agencies are notorious, like the one in Syracuse, for claiming that the lawyer they are paying for is representing the mother of adoption loss. This is significantly a problem because it shows the lack of law taught in high schools and undergraduate degrees where women and teenage girls would be smart and know they are being used. A lawyer cannot be paid by one party and represent another party.

There is a loop. A legal but immoral, not legal, ever changing, state by state depending, let’s make it so hard to figure out the spaces in the loop by varying state laws (please see my article Natural Mothers Do Not Get Time to Think It Over) multibillion dollar well oiled machine here. You slap my back, I’ll slap yours, and we’ll smile over coffee about this. Judges in bed with lawyers, lawyers in bed with doctors, and let’s all lie to the survivors, so that once we have their child there’s nothing they can do, and nothing their adopted out grown up child can do to really publically voice their rights as certain state Congressmen (actually they’re not men) want to cover ass for their judge friends or hide some big shot who got a teenage girl pregnant.

This goes far beyond deception. It goes to the point of kidnapping.  Illegal adoption is kidnapping. Legal adoption is legalized human trafficking. You make $12 billion in 2012, $15 billion in 2016, you remove a person from their Mother without their permission,  you price Black babies lower than White babies. Isn’t it funny how once Australia took the money out of adoption, domestic infant adoptions dropped by 95%? Nobody wants to be involved when money isn’t involved.  The paradigm shift from the 1950s-1960s to today doesn’t change this fact. Telling us women, it happened long ago, or just be thankful you or your child found a loving home, doesn’t change the fact women were handcuffed to beds their babies forcibly taken from them, Jewish women were drugged up and told their babies were stillborn only to be sold to the highest Christian bidder, and other stories that need to come to light.

Here is where we need to no longer be afraid. Over power the overpowered.

#Courtoo #Agenciestoo #Doctorstoo

Knowing my own adoption, and this is supported by my adoptive Mother, was 100% unnecessary -due to the severe lack of support and emotional abuse my natural mother endured- I can say #agenciestoo.

I hope this all makes each and every one of you reading this stronger women, and for men stronger supporters of women, and I hope this March we can give recognition to the brave mothers of adoption loss who have spoken out about their abuse and the heroic women, some literally not afraid to go to jail like Sandy Musser, to equal rights of adopted women, adopted girls, and like myself, strong advocates of major reform in the industry basically by scraping it and starting all over.

It is my hope that more mothers of adoption loss, and fathers, come forward and speak about the pressure, lies, deceit, manipulation, and especially outright corruption and abuse that happened to them. The more and more mothers speak up, the more the corrupt lawyers and judges will not be able to reign power over their heads any longer. Is America not a democratic nation? Or is a modern court of Henry VIII? I have the list. I have a good, long list of corrupt agent workers, judges, and lawyers but these aren’t my stories to tell. The women themselves have to be the ones to come forward. I have said for years these women, who endured much psychological abuse, need to take their stories collectively to the Hague and the UN.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we must take the money out of adoption like Australia did. Turn it into a completely voluntary job because once we take the money out, we eliminate the corruption and manipulation tactics. Right now, individual women are so scared to go against this multibillion dollar industry with its powerful million dollar lawyers. I just hope more step up. All it takes is one voice to start a cause.

As for my friend, while she was gag ordered to speak against the forced “adoption” of her son, there are many speaking out for her, and one day that little boy will grow up and will learn the truth, and he will come back home.

(Note: This in no way is to say that psychopaths or those more interested in their drugs or other bad habits don’t exist. There are plenty of babies, and children, who have been saved by adoption but even in these cases out of family adoptions should be avoided as they are deemed mostly unnecessary and the effort should be put in for the child to remember her roots and keep her original paperwork who must be removed from their biological families due to abuse and neglect. Again, the actual statistics, provided by Concerned United Birthparents, on necessary domestic out of family infant adoptions is miniscule in comparison to the industry’s blatantly propagandistic theories).




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