I know, I said the next articles will be on my heritages. I’ve been busy, so I’ve put aside researching. The next article coming for my heritages will be Polish. I’ll get it done when I get it done. Actually, I had more important things to do today than this list, but here we are.

I do give credit to Claudia. I’m basically spewing out what she already talked about. I got the 2016 assets myself, but this prior information before I start listing is her research. The 2016 total assets will be in the next article. I don’t deserve the credit for this one. Nonprofit adoption agencies can and do make a profit. So one nonprofit adoption agency can donate to another non profit. When a non profit goes out of business it’s remaining assets must go to another non profit. Many adoption agencies work as both non profit and a profit arm. They take donations and then use the business to write off expenses as a loss. So, let’s look at Adoption Star that operates out of New York State. In 2011, Adoption Star had 43 babies lost to adoption. They earned $1,487,094.00 in total revenue. Mathematically that is $31,170.37 per baby. In 2011, 15 individuals were employed. $561,576.00 paid out in salaries, benefits, etc. That’s $37, 438.40 a year. One of the board membrs is a judge who worked as a family court judge in D.C. The owner and treasurer are husband and wife. Their 2011 W-2/1099 -MISC showed $168,947 and $6,758. $99, 219.00 in government grants which are originally taxes. Adoption Star does not pay taxes on what they make at Adoption Star as profits, though the employees do get taxed. Michele, in 2011 made seven times the social workers and case managers. Advertising expenses are $200,000.  They have $84, 972.00 in “other” expenses.  $1.3 million in investment funds. Adoption Star’s 2011 mutual funds were $1,058,451.00. What does a non profit need mutual funds for?


So, let’s look at some more.

National Council for Adoption. Sounds like they know what they’re talking about right? Well, they don’t. The group is entirely self appointed. It’s nothing more than a lobby group promoting adoption as only positive to sway the public. It’s a lobby group working on behalf of adoption agencies. There is no actual oversight in the United States when it comes to the adoption industry, and basically I anything I post in this entire blog is 99% the same for Canada. So let’s break down this lobby group. The stats are a bit old but they are from Claudia except the updated 990 form I checked. 2005 IRS form #990 total gross receipts $2,920,818.000. 2017 total assets $1, 485, 927.00. Just over $1 million from public support. $50,000+ from membership dues. Gladney Centers for Adoption and Bethany Christian Services are members. Check out their IRS 990’s to see where the money is rolling in. The Gladney Centers in Texas have one main “hospital” group and two other big “funds”. (I don’t know why Claudia has hospital in quotations). Combined in 2007 for a total of $39 million declared as assets and another $12,154, 675.00 claimed as income after expenses. Bethany Christian Services NC, IA, MI $3,098.830.00 assets of $1,236,037.00. Religious organizations donate like Family Research Council and the LDS Church because they believe adoption saves babies from abortion. It does not. I’ve already proven that. This is why Save the 1 needs to stop promoting adoption because the whole “I gave you away and want nothing to do with you” is blaming the baby for what happened.

The greatest portion of the NCFA’s funding is from government contributions and grants. 2003 that was $8, 323, 973.00. Over $20 million in government grants up to 2007. Tax levees collected from US citizens from the Federal government and awarded to an adoption agency lobby group. Thomas Atwood was making $150,104.00 per week working sixty hours a week to promote that it’s a good thing parents are losing their children to adoption in 2005. A benefit package in 2007 of $26,046. That’s a lot for someone “who wants to help poor and/or young pregnant women”. Daniel Resse $115 K and another $15K in benefits. Lee Allen $91 K and another $16 K in benefits and perks. Charles Johnson $88 K and another $13 K for national training opportunities to convince people that adoption is all rainbows. Anyone notice this lobbyist group that is telling pregnant mothers that giving away their babies is an awesome thing don’t actually themselves have an uterus? Parenting is not on the lobby’s agenda. $162,172.00 on educational “garbage” that one must buy about how “superb” adoption is. These numbers are at least ten years old, but this should not deter you from facing facts about the major reformation needed in the adoption industry and that this is not about helping mothers and babies. Helping mothers and babies, parents and babies is called family preservation.

We even see some try to say that their studies prove adoption has no long lasting psychological impacts on first mothers. Dr. Charles T. Kenney happens to be president of the The Right Brain People. He’s an expert on consumerism and psychology, so who knows why they would have him study mothers of adoption loss, but anyway he paid 51 first mother $100 each and was asked to “work with” these mothers of adoption loss by the National Council for Adoption. They reported being blindfolded and they were forced to relive the loss of their child. Their conclusions


Well, I’m tired you can read the rest here. http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/the-national-council-for-adoption/


Kind of wondered now why I wasted most of my day not doing what I needed to get done to reiterate this instead of just linking everyone to Claudia’s blog. Well, at least I got a bunch of the 2016 assets done.




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