My blog is a blog on adoption, so why not talk about animal adoption? This is an adoption that we need 100% of people to get behind whether they want to adopt a cat or dog or just support the belief. Every year 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanised in the USA, mostly because they couldn’t find homes for them or because in the past much of the training to retrain aggressive dogs, such as pitbulls rescued from fighting, was not the best form of retraining even though it was done by loving and well meaning people. Victoria Stillwell, British woman and hostess of It’s Me or the Dog, gives the best advice on retraining dogs. Update: Sadly, I just learnt from Victoria Stillwell’s Facebook page that Cesar Millan is an animal abuser.

Every time you buy a dog or cat from a breeder, a potential beloved pet loses its chance to join your family. Please adopt, don’t shop.

When adopting a beloved new pet here are things to consider:

  1. Does everyone in the home agree on a pet?
  2. What kind of pet?
  3. Okay, you have decided to go with a dog. What type of breed?
  4. Research the type of breed or breeds or mixed breeds you are willing to adopt. Look at temperment, training time, medical disabilities, how often they need to be walked, and more.
  5. Research thoroughly the shelter you are adopting from.
  6. Remember adopting a dog or cat means adopting a dog or cat who possibly has a traumatic past. Old dogs can learn new tricks, but it’s important to know you need to have a lot of patience. Work closely with the veterinarian, and if behaviour does not improve consider calling someone like Victoria Stillwell or Cesar Milan, maybe not them literally but those who use their methods, but please do not pass on a problem behaviour dog to another house.

Enjoy your new beloved, adopted cat or dog. If cared for properly, your new pet brings so  joy.

Now, I need to get into some problems that I am seeing in comparing dog adoptions to infant and child adoptions.

  1. Gotcha Day- first of all, this new trend is creepy. Gotcha, it just has a connotation of grab ya. As if the adoptive parents snuck up and yelled gotcha!, grabbed the infant, and fled. I know that’s not most adoptive parents intentions (I say most because there are abusive adoptive parents) but from an adoptee’s perspective this is how it seems. In a recent poll I read, 95% of adoptees (with about 280 adoptees voting) said they find the term gotcha day and the practice of it unsettling. The reason I bring it up now is because people are using the term and celebrating Gotcha Day not just for adopted children but adopted dogs, and it comes across as treating children and animals as the same. No matter how much it pisses off people, and this is coming from someone who loves dogs, your pets are not your children. Parenting a child is extremely much harder than caring for a dog, even a dog that comes with neurological problems that an animal behaviourist needs to help you with and possibly put the dog on medication (such as a sexually abused dog). Treating your dog like a child makes a dog not function to his or her best doggy capability.
  2. Reselling children, cats, and dogs- It is legal to resell adopted children. I can’t think of anything more disgusting, but it happens. Obviously, if the adoptive parents are abusive, and it does happen, the adopted child or children need to be removed from their home but 95 to 97% of the time, that child didn’t need to be removed from their biological family in the first place as an infant. It’s understandable, albeit tearful, when someone has to give away their cat or dog, but it’s competely outrageous that we are putting children, children!, on the same level as animals and allowing people to resell adopted children. With the loose regulations, some of these children are going to paedophiles. For those with a lawyer, the multibillion dollar adoption agency makes a profit on reselling. The adoption industry has turned into a money making foster system. It adds further trauma to a child who already has the trauma from losing his or her first family, and quite often told to not even consider them or that trauma. It’s completely unacceptable. I understand quite often orphanages don’t tell the full truth, but would people give away their biological children because of behaviour problems or would they pay a child psychiatrist and work with the school counsellor? I would think the latter. People have rehomed because “we learnt parenting isn’t for us” and “he gets in the way of our careers.” Literal sickening explanations from horrible people who damn well shouldn’t have ever been allowed to parent a child for even a day, let alone even owning a pet!
  3. Advertising- It’s unbelievably appalling that people are allowed to advertise in newspapers and online for babies. How do people not see this as treating babies as buying a commodity when it’s being posted online and in newspapers and the adoption industry is worth multibillions? Yet I was told “it would be inappropriate for us to publish this” and “we can’t publish this” when I told a newspaper company about Saving Our Sisters, discrimination of adoptees, and the lie of birthparent privacy created by Georgia Tann in the Rochester, NY area. However, it’s important to keep in mind many newspapers have generously allowed me to have facts on adoption published. It’s great to know that most newspaper companies are on board with sharing important information about the need to reform adoption and give equality to adoptees, and I understand they have to advertise for people trying to adopt babies, but it’s the very fact my truths were considered inappropriate or told “we can’t publish this.” So, you can publish advertising for babies but you can’t advertise for a family preservation group and the common sense reasoning to address the fact that those affected by adoption need counselling and all original birth certificates need to be unsealed? It’s unsettling to see advertisements for both babies and dogs. It’s appalling to type the word adoption into Google and see adoptions of both babies and animals, and when we look at the fact all have a price tag on their heads, even more so. It’s time to pass laws in each state, no more advertising for babies and children.

Stop treating children like dogs and stop treating dogs like children.


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