This article, without a doubt, will be the most controversial article I ever write pissing off pro-lifers, pro-lifers who are really pro-birthers, pro-infant adopters, and anti-adopters and the reason why will be because too many people don’t listen. That’s the problem with a lot of people. They just think of how to reply. They don’t actually read. They don’t actually listen. They read something that is new to them, different to their own ideas and as they read it they say, “yeah, but, yeah but….” You could say by claiming this fact I am pushing people away. No, I’m just making the obvious obvious.

So, for anyone who does care to really read and reflect on this you’ll see in this article what I am really getting out. It’s a very think outside the box type of article.

When we think of pro-choice we think of adoption, keeping, or abortion. The unborn has no choice in abortion, and the born has no choice in adoption. One kills, the other discriminates especially in the case of closed adoption. Keeping is the least often given option because there is a false rumour that an unexpected pregnancy, especially in the horrible scenario of rape, is an unwanted pregnancy. I wrote a previous article on the dangers of saying “unwanted pregnancy.”

95% to 97% of women and teenage girls don’t keep their babies because they don’t have the finances. This is proven when Australia decided to take the money out of infant adoption. So, why don’t we just have the billion dollar abortion industry and the multibillion dollar adoption industry give all of their money to women and girls in a crisis pregnancy? There, 95% to 97% of women and adolescent girls will now be able to keep their children, along with any upstanding men and teenage boys (fathers) so long as they are safe for baby to be around.

Why are we promoting the death of a living being by abortion? I won’t get into the controversial evidence. Pro-lifers (some called pro birthers) say psychological evidence proves most of these mothers who kill their unborn through abortion suffer greatly, the pro-choice says differently. Too many of the pro-lifers are pro-birthers because they are ignorant to the trauma caused upon a mother and child (adoptee) of adoption loss or refuse to believe it, and also believe in the death penalty and/or euthanasia. Yes, I say this being pro-life.

Both the abortion industry and the adoption industry tell lies to further their agenda. I previously wrote articles on lies told by the adoption industry. I will write an article on lies told by the abortion industry. The thing is we need to ask ourselves, why are these industries making so much money?

However, let’s really think outside of the box here. How can we save lives? How can we give every person a non-discriminatory life?

First, we can stop the abortion industry’s false ideals they pass around that having an abortion is nothing but a relief to a woman having an unexpected pregnancy or the false claims of comments like “any normal woman would want to abort the demon spawn put in her by a rapist.” We can stop claiming the word abortion when it was not an abortion but a loss of an unborn baby due to medical complications.

Second, we can continue to change how adoption is done in the United States, Canada, Ireland, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and elsewhere in the world. We can keep telling people the facts about discrimination, recommending them books like The Baby Thief, and emphasising the importance of adoptees, first mothers, and other biological family members getting therapy because of the adoption. This can also include adoptive parents who learn the truth as well. We can continue in places like the United States and Canada to demand to abolish all closed adoptions, legally enforce open adoptions and stop sealing original birth certificates.

But one and two are not going to stop the abortions and adoptions of today. The thing is there are more options, as I speak, that are available to a pregnant mother. If she truly, truly cannot keep her infant, and that truly can’t is exceptionally small as in if she did she would pose a danger to her child, the nondiscriminatory options are:

Kinship care and legal guardianship. In family adoption is alright so long as there is open and honest communication, and whilst the original birth certificate will be sealed which is unacceptable, the child will very likely keep or know their original surname for life. An in family adoption does not take a person away from their culture, language, original family, heritage, and bio family medical information; it will take away from some if there is any dishonesty but it’s no comparison to out of family adoption.

Kinship care and legal guardianship both allow a person to live and not be discriminated. Adoption discriminates by making the adoptee the source of their bio mother’s problem, sealing their original birth certificate, denying them their heritage, denying them connections to biological siblings, and more in many cases and even one is one too many.

Anyone who promotes out of family infant adoption is promoting discrimination knowingly or unknowingly because of sealed adoption records, sealed original birth certificates, denial of heritage, denial of original family contact in most adoptions, and denial of a lack of or no bio family medical information. Discrimination is discrimination, no different than those who have discriminated women from voting in the past or owning their own property or divorcing abusive husbands. It’s one thing if you weren’t aware of this, if you weren’t then it’s time to support only keeping, kinship care, or legal guardianship or in family adoption if honest, it’s quite another if you continue to support out of family infant adoption after knowing the facts.

Finally, I need to make this very clear to three different demographics.

  1. Mothers who lost babies to abortion- in no way is this article trying to bully you. I believe many women do suffer in silence who had an abortion, and I hope you know there are support groups out there like Project Rachel. To those who had an abortion and feel no suffering, please ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself and if you are, again, this article is not trying to bully you. This article is simply about giving everyone life, including those who may have terrible fathers (I often hear that women and teenage girls who conceive in rape should abort, but interestingly never hear women who are married to a rapist should abort or women married to a husband who beats them should abort or women married to another type of violent felon should abort) and giving them a life that doesn’t include discrimination.
  2. Adoptive parents- Yes, there are some terrible adoptive parents out there such as those who abuse their adopted children and the more common those who lie and say they’ll do an open adoption and then close it. However, speaking to adoptive parents who adopted infants not from your family or older children who actually never needed to be taken from their biological family (foster care, cash for kids) again, you did not know. You didn’t know the extend to which these agencies lie, you didn’t know that mental health counsellors in adoption agencies tell first mothers and adoptees they are crazy, weird, bad if they want equality, a connection, and grieve for their loss, you didn’t know that adoption wasn’t going to take away the pain of your infertility, you too didn’t know.
  3. First mothers, most biological fathers, and other biological family members- you too were duped and, like all of us, continue to be duped by the loosely regulated, uncredentialed, multibillion dollar adoption industry’s propaganda. For more information check out previous articles on here.


So, please whilst this will cause controversy pass this around. Share with everyone. If someone is having an unexpected pregnancy tell them.

  1. Keeping- you can rescue pregnant mothers and mothers of newborns considering adoption by telling them about Saving Our Sisters (for Americans only).
  2. You can share this blog with them
  3. You can tell them about kinship care.
  4. You can tell them about legal guardianship.
  5. You can tell them about in family adoption with any safe, well trusted family member if for some reason legal guardianship will not work or your child won’t lose his or her original surname, family connection, heritage, and medical info.

These are the real prochoice answers.


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