Adoptive parents divorce at the same rate as parents who birth/father their children and raise them. That in the US and Canada is a little over 50%. Yet, adoption agencies such as the scumbags who work at the agency I was adopted from out of Rochester, NY spew the line “your baby will have a stable two parent family” and “your baby deserves a two parent family.” Look, I have no doubt that so long as there’s love in the house a two parent household is better, but adoption is not a guarantee of a two parent household remaining a two parent household. I also strongly, strongly, feel or rather know, that a baby born to a single parent deserves to stay with their parent unless that parent is a danger to them. I wish those babies, like myself, had been born to two married parents who were in love but that is not the case for a huge chunk of babies in America, and the single parent (be they the mom or the dad, usually the mom but I do know some single dads) and the baby should not be punished with the discrimination and cruelty of closed adoption, which again is not the fault of adoptive parents who often were kept in the dark about the truth.

I wrote an article back in 2016 about single parenthood. This article is on divorce.

Adoption can’t be used as a means of a permanent two parent family, yet this is what adoption agencies like Catholic Family Center, Catholic Charities, and other “religious” agencies trick scared pregnant moms into.

I see a problem when I look at potential adoptive parent profiles. Some of them have been married for such a short time I can’t help but think they could end in divorce. A first mother is told to choose a two parent family for stability only to see the adoptive couple divorce and her own self soon marry her boyfriend or find a new man to marry.



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