I have a lot of questions related to adoption and I’m hoping a fellow expert or experts can answer some of them for me.

  1. I know Jewish babies in the 20th century were stolen, and sold through illegal adoptions to Christian couples in the United States, but what percentage of Jewish babies were stolen?
  2. What percentage, if any, of Jewish babies were stolen in the 20th century in Canada? Other countries?
  3. I read that some who stole babies through illegal adoptions were Jewish. What percentage of non Jewish babies were stolen in the United States and sold through illegal adoptions to Jewish people? What percentage came from Canada into the US?
  4. The media portrays reunions as all happy and everyone is hugging and crying and so glad to see each other, but we know the truth some adoptees are horrible to their biological mothers and some biological mothers, and other family members, are horrible to the adoptee. When we look at reunions of family members, especially mother and adult child, that were devastatingly torn apart because of slavery what percentage of parents, mother or father, rejected their child when they were finally reunited? Whether that was because they both ended up being sold to the same enslaver later on or because of the joyous occassion of the abolition of slavery.
  5. Where did Walt Disney adopt his daughter from?
  6. What adoption agency or private adoption attorney did Walt Disney use to adopt his daughter?
  7. Did Walt Disney’s daughter, was it Sharon or Diane, find her biological family?
  8. Can someone give me a list of countries that have had forced adoptions? Just tonight I learnt Cyprus is another one. I know there’s a ton of manipulation and lies and subtle coercion, other forms of subtle coercion, used in adoption such as lying and saying a mother will move on if she chooses a closed adoption or that she isn’t truly the mother or that an open adoption will remain open and is legally enforceable when it’s not, but when I ask for countries that did forced adoptions I mean the brutally forced adoptions the ones where they handcuffed mothers to the beds and refused to let them see their children, where they severely drugged mothers and made them sign relinquishment papers, and yes I’m aware this still goes on in the 21st century in the United States although not the handcuffing after birth anymore. Kimberly Rossler’s son is a good example to look up. This is the list I have, and I’m looking for evidence of brutally forced adoptions occurring from the 1800s through now in the 21st century: the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, what about Germany?, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, China, South Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Guatemala. Surely there has to be a lot more countries. What about other European countries? What about South America? What about Japan? What about other African countries like Kenya or South Africa?
  9. I know the practices of Utah and South Carolina are extremely unethical but legal in keeping babies away from their dads so they can be adopted to strangers and so a profit can be made, but can someone very nicely go step by step with me about the lack of daddy rights in the other 48 states? What about in the Canadian provinces?
  10. How many late discovery adoptees do you think are out there? How many families in Australia, the US, Canada, Ireland, and the list goes on possibly have a relative that was given away to adoption but they have no idea about it? How many families in the world, and in each country where adoption is a big thing like in the United States, South Korea, and Canada possibly have a family member that is adopted and they don’t know they were adopted?
  11. Do adoptees who are adopted into homes with another sibling that was also adopted do better, worse, or the same as adoptees who are adopted into homes where their other sibling or siblings are the biological children of their parents/adoptive parents?
  12. Interracial adoptees only: If you were raised in a home with siblings that were also adopted and they were the same race as you do you think that helped being raised by adoptive parents that are a different race than you or did it make no difference to you and if you had been raised an only child it would’ve made no difference at all to you?  I know this will be an individualised answer.
  13. Interracial adoptees only: If you were raised in a home where you were the only person of that race did your immediate and/or extended adoptive family treat you any differently? I know these answers will differ from person to person.
  14. How do we get people who say I was loved by my adoptive parents I think adoption is great to see there’s so much more to it than that and to see there’s a lot of inequality towards adoptees? How do we get them to see that separating families is abnormal except in cases of child abuse, and most adoptions are unnecessary? How do we get to them to see that not every adoptee had a loving home like they did or like they do?
  15. Why aren’t the psychological issues in adoptive parents caused by the adoption industry not addressed? Too often we look at the negative adopters, the really bad ones like the narcissists, and psychopaths, and child abusers, and racists in the adoption community who vouch for change and that’s important too, but let’s be honest most adoptive parents are kind and loving people. These kind and loving adoptive parents were lied to as well. They are made to feel, because they’ve been told so, that love is all you need so when their adult adopted child wants to search it can make them feel like they didn’t parent well enough when they certainly did. This is just one of the issues adoptive parents can have. Why aren’t we being more empathetic to them?
  16. Why do we keep considering unsealing adoption records and unsealing original birth certificates as the most important thing in achieving adoptee equality? Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely important, but as I wrote in a previous article it is not the most important. The most important is for there to be more openness in psychology to look at the aftermath of adoption and to give counselling to those affected by adoption. This counselling isn’t just for adoptees and first mothers, but aunts who lose a niece or nephew to adoption, siblings who watched a younger sibling be given away or lost to adoption, cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, biological fathers, and second cousins and what have you who discover they have a relative given away to adoption, and yes, adoptive parents who wake up and learn the truth.
  17. What percentage of first mothers are actually drug addicts within the past ten years having done drugs during or within two years before their pregnancy? I know there is the “birthmother crackwhore myth” but with the opioid problem how many are or were opioid addicts?
  18. How do we take back God and Christianity from the adoption industry that stole them?
  19. What percentage, and please give me within the state, county, province, territory, or country, of biological fathers and first mothers end up getting married after losing their baby to adoption?
  20. What percentage of priests worldwide are expected to have fathered a child and how much of a reason is this for why the Catholic Church around the world, such as in Ireland and New Jersey, perpetrated the birthparent privacy myth? What other churches have been involved? I know the Mormon Church has and the Lutheran Church.
  21. How much of a role have synagogues played in the adoption industry, the birthparent privacy myth, and anything to do with the adoption industry?
  22. I’ve heard so many stories about lies told by adoption agency workers, adoption attorneys, and prospective then adopters, and corruption so why isn’t anybody going to the Hague about this or getting their own attorney? I know some have, but it’s extremely few and far between, and I can only think of one honestly.
  23. How exactly do we change such an unethical system?
  24. How many family court judges have been removed for corrupt acts?
  25. How many family court judges should be removed for corrupt acts?
  26. Does adoption help children who are ostracised in their society, such as albino children in Burundi or special needs children in Bulgaria?
  27. Why are people so brainwashed by the word adoption? They hear the word adoption and think “how great” and after they are presented with facts such as how adoption agencies have split apart twins and triplets to gain a profit, lied about open adoptions, convince girls as young as thirteen to give away their babies without a trusted adult in their lives knowing, and have gaslighted adoptees to name a few. Yet much of society continues to say “how great”.
  28. Would it help if we gave each version of adoption used a different word? I’m going to write a blog about the problem with the word adoption in and of itself. “I’m an adoptive parent” can range from someone who adopted their niece and nephew from their sister who is a drug addict, an adoption that makes perfect sense and one in which the adoptive aunt would certainly have the children’s biological family names and biological medical information handy and the children would remain with their family, to an adoptive parent who was lied to and told their adopted daughter or son was an orphan only to learn they have not only extended family but extended middle class family. It ranges, I mean it just really ranges.
  29. I’ve been hearing that orphanages are bad. I’m well aware there is a link or was a link between human trafficking and orphanages, and then orphanages to international adoption, and probably domestic adoptions within those countries such as Guatemala and Ethiopia, but what about street children? I spent time in Brazil where children as young as five beg selling candy wearing urine smelling old clothes going up and down the highway. Sure, these children have families but all too often these children’s family members are completely inept to raise a child. I know the answer is to fix the family, but in the mean time are orphanages such a bad thing if the goal can be to reunite the child or children with their family members and in the meantime the child is clothe, fed, and educated?
  30. We know that the suicide rate of adoptees in the US is four times higher than non-adopted people, and also higher in Sweden, but can we break this down? I’m aware that the suicide rate of Black American and African American (born in an African country) adoptees is even more because of the fact that non-adopted Black Americans commit suicide at a rate of double that of White Americans. What is the suicide rate of Asian American adoptees? Of LGBT adoptees? Of female adoptees? Of male adoptees? Of adoptees adopted out of foster care? Of adoptees who are born in the 40s through the 60s? the 70s and 80s? The 90s to teenagers of today? And any other demographic you can think of.
  31. What happened to saloon women in the wild west times who became pregnant? What became of their babies?
  32. What happened to babies born from unwed mothers during the Victorian era?
  33. At what rate do adoptive parents divorce? Which country are you speaking of?
  34. What happened to women who were prostitutes in the 1800s who became pregnant? What happened to their babies?
  35. I once read that Dr. Maria Montessori lost a son to adoption and that’s what drove her to create the Montessori method. Is this true?
  36. Are adoptees who have no desire to search more likely to change their minds and want to search once they have children?
  37. Why in the adoptee activist community are adoptive mothers always or almost always painted as bad and the first mothers shown as helpless victims when some of them are terrible people?
  38. There has been an adoptee who started a blog that some other adoptees are claiming is a great writing that bashes all first mothers. Why are adoptees thinking this is a great blog? All this woman has done is create a great schism and now I’m reading complete malarky of things like first mothers are not experts on adoption. Lorraine Dusky, Sandy Musser, Mirah Riben, Linda Gale to name some, are experts on adoption.
  39. Why are adopted children a lot more likely to have ADHD?
  40. Why are adopted children a lot more likely to have learning disabilities?
  41. How do we get more people to listen? How do we get people to see that adoption is not only something that affects the adoptee, but to a lesser extent effects all members of a society?

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