At least twenty six thousand adopted adults living in the United States were adopted from overseas, primarily from South Korea, yet their adoptive parents did not naturalize them upon their adoption. If you haven’t read my article about Korean adoptees adopted after the Korean War I recommend that read after this one. You can search for it by typing “Korean adoptees” in the search bar in this blog.

There were two reasons why these internationally born adoptees were not naturalized. Either because the adoption agency, such as Holt International Agency; an agency that is rife with child kidnapping, human trafficking and corruption, didn’t inform the adoptive parents that they need to naturalize their child nor did the state they live in such as New York, Michigan, or Wyoming or wherever they happen to live or the adopters chose not to on purpose in order to use their child as a slave. I refer to good adoptive parents as adoptive parents and bad adoptive parents as adopters. Many of these children were not noticed either because they lived in a time when child abuse was ignored or because they were or currently are homeschooled.

As adults they cannot naturalize themselves. This means once they are eighteen years old, there are some estimates say forty thousand internationally born adult adoptees who cannot: legally leave the country, obtain a passport which also effects some domestically born adoptees, marry, vote, work, rent, apply for benefits, obtain health insurance, apply for many things at a bank, and more.

I spent countlesss hours calling Pelosi’s office and the offices of my state senators here in New York, emailing other state senators, and spreading the word. I’m glad that over seven hundred people joined me in trying to give these adoptees equality but still they were discriminatorily not allowed to vote in America’s most important election in modern history.

My best friend and I were inquiring about taking a holiday to Guam prior to learning the ticket prices are outrageously expensive and it’s cheaper to just visit Japan, our country of choice. I had the pleasure of speaking with a man who has served in the US Armed Forces for thirty five years, so basically for my entire life. He informed me that there have been internationally born adoptees that have served alongside him, including in combat, but were still not granted basic rights simply because they were not naturalized.

In the military is where some of these adoptees learned they were not American citizens. They lived here since they were babies or young children, believing they were just as American as anybody else, but then when serving in our military they were not granted access to certain information or location simply because their backgrounds didn’t check out.

These adoptees, including those who served in our nation’s military branches have been deported and all still here are currently fighting against being deported. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, they have been deported under both parties. As much as people want to believe every person of color and every immigrant was treated with amazing dignity under the Obama administration, the truth is plenty of unnaturalized adoptees were deported when Obama was president. One woman, written about in the New York Times, was born in South Korea, voted at or about age eighteen in an election, but when her state government learned she was an unnaturalized adoptee the immigration department had her deported. She has no idea when she voted that her adoptive parents never took care of the necessary paperwork. She is not allowed back into the United States.

I am mostly liberal, but I do not adher to one party. I like people based on their policies. Here in New York I know Republican politicians who are for adoptee rights and Democratic politicians, who all happen to be LGBT, who are against adoptee rights. There is no one party that has all the good people and no one party that has all the bad people. I’ll write an article soon about the clashes between the adoptee community and the LGBT community and being a member of both communities why the fighting, and the homophobia, needs to stop.

The US Adoptee Citizenship Act is an act that was created by a Republican. Yet, who is signing this bill wanting it to become a law? Democratic senators. The list of Democrats is long, whilst the Republicans is very short. The Adoptee Rights Citizenship Act will given all adoptees born before the year 2000 and adopted before the year 2000, those born on or after 2000 are already taken care of, the ability to be naturalized. This will then allow them to: work, travel, attend college, vote, marry, rent, obtain health insurance and so much more.

According to the National Education Association, the adoptees themselves who are being punished and trying to survive through this ordeal, the adoptive parents who are furious at not being informed, and members of the U.S. military Mitch McConnell is holding this hostage. Why? Why is a good question. Both Republican and Democrats know there is no valid reason to be letting this citizenship act sit idle. The very fact people have served in our armed forces and McConnell still denies them rights and wants them deported because of a botch in their adoption speaks volumes of his lack of character. If anyone wanted a poster boy for what a psychopath looks like, McConnell is it.

This isn’t a fight only for adoptees. This is a fight for anyone and everyone to be involved in. As humans we need to look out for each other. We can start by not praising adoption and understanding so much needs to be fixed. This is how we truly help children and adoptees of any age. We need to take it upon ourselves to expose McConnell and anyone else who refuses to sign for their discrimination towards adoptees and their racism towards Asian people as nearly all affected are Asian be it Indian, Korean, etc. We need to put pressure on Pelosi’s office and call or email our state senators and demand the US Adoptee Citizenship Act is passed. We need to listen to affected adoptees and listen to those adoptees who are survivors of illegal adoptions aka human trafficking by adoption agencies such as Holt International and Bethany Christian Services. We need to imprison the adoptive lawyers, adoption agency workers, and the abusive adopters themselves who adopted children from abroad in order to use them as slaves and those agencies absolutely need to be shut down without the money being deposited into another adoption agency.

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