If you are wondering many of these articles are written in the same month, they actually aren’t. I remade my blog and went anonymous after receiving too many extremely rude and ridiculous messages from people who can’t handle the truth. The email on this is not monitored, so if you have a problem with the fifteen years of research on here that I present to you tell it to the wind.

For everyone else, welcome and I hope you learn something new here.


I am still not going to read nor respond to any emails because I received a plethora of idiotic emails in the past such as, “my son is adopted from Asia so therefore there is no such thing as people not making sure their Asian kids get US citizenship” and “My British Mum told me looking for my biological Mum would be rude to her (to the adoptive Mum)  and she is right.” No, she’s not.  “My Mom gave me away cos she loves me. It has nothing to do with the fact it was 1960 and she had no other options” or “Open adoption works because I’m in an open adoption.” Good for you, most open adoptions end up closing. I’m here to present facts. I’m not here to hold your hand and give you comforting lies.